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    The best way to eliminate blow-by so that all the air getting to the filter passes THROUGH the filter is with the SealTite seal around the edge of the filter.

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  • SealTite Filter

    Less restriction to air flow
    Eliminates bio-nesting of micro-organisms. Eliminates blow-by so all the air is filtered. Sturdy internal frame eliminates warping. Easy to install. Lasts 90 days. SealTite every time!

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SealTite Filters

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How does it work?

Pick your filter size(s), pay the low fee for a 1-Year Supply Convenience Pack, and your filter pack will be shipped to you within a few days. Install the first filter, and we'll send you an email when it's time to replace it. At the end of the year we will email you to order your new supply.


  • MERV 7 ASHRAE rated standard
  • NORMI® approved anti-microbial
  • Internal frame eliminates paper cardboard
  • Edge-to-edge design for PerfectFit
  • Disposable every 90 days
  • Easy to install; fits every time


  • Less restriction to air flow
  • Eliminates bio-nesting of micro-organisms
  • Eliminates blow-by so all the air is filtered
  • Sturdy internal frame eliminates warping
  • Standard sizes available
  • Economical and Efficient

SealTite Filters are the perfect compliment to your sanitization protocol. Combining good air filtration with good air purification provides a synergistic holistic approach to improving indoor air quality. This MERV 7 is a true 90 day filter. It has an antimicrobial applied to the "downstream" side of the filter to reduce mold and bacteria and the odors associated with them.

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BLS12K Stand Alone

The BLS12K is designed to improve indoor air quality by dealing with pollutants in a proactive way. The BLS12K produces aggressive ionized oxidizers and multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the home or office.

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BLS16K 9" HVAC Probe

RETURN SIDE UNIT (Suggested) This is an enhanced version of a 9"/212mm residential probe. This unit is suited for indoor environments up to approximately 16,000 cuft based on normal contamination levels, common air flow patterns.

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