RETURN SIDE UNIT (Suggested) This is an enhanced version of a 9”/212mm residential probe and should be installed by a licensed HVAC Contractor.  PCO (Photo-catalytic oxidation) is a traditional PCO process to cover a broad area of living space.  16K means this unit is suited for indoor environments up to approximately 16,000 cuft based on normal contamination levels, common air flow patterns and properly sized HVAC systems.


  • PCO (Photo-catalytic oxidation) 
  • Completely Safe for Humans and Animals
  • VOCs, Odors, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Particulates
  • Covers/Cleans Larger Area with Proactive Technology (reducing cost per cubic foot)
  • Helps Keep Duct System Free from Contaminants
  • Reduces "A" Coil Cleaning Maintenance
  • Cleaner Coil Provides More Energy Efficiency of System
  • Cleaner Coil Reduces Bio-Nesting
  • May Provide Less Frequent Filter Changes
  • Attacks Pollutants in the Air and on Surfaces


Homes, Offices, Schools, Day-Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, RVs, Ambulances, Cruise Ships

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