MERV 7 ASHRAE rated standard

SealTite Filter meets the rigorous testing standards set by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) by matching the Standard 52.2. In most cases, unless otherwise specifically recommended by the AHU manufacturer, a MERV 7-8 filter is the best filter to avoid blower motor burnout and still provide an acceptable level of efficiency in collecting average size particles to reduce dust. For more on MERV ratings see MERV Rating Chart

NORMIĀ® approved anti-microbial

The back side of this filter (marked "DOWNSTREAM") is manufactured with an anti-microbial that will not contaminate the indoor air quality. NORMIā„¢, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors approves the use of Triclosan because it has been proven to be safe and effective in reducing microbial growth and the bio-nesting that sometimes occurs on filters which are not removed after thirty days. This feature allows the SealTite Filter to stay in place, under normal conditions, for up to ninety (90) days without becoming a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. See MSDS sheet

Internal frame eliminates paper cardboard

Most one inch filters, including the most expensive pleated filters, use a cardboard frame to support the filter media. This cardboard is organic and can become a food source for mold and bacteria. Once mold and bacteria grow on this frame, the toxins produced by them enter the air stream and significantly reduce the quality of the indoor air in the environment. By utilizing an internal frame and no cardboard, there is nowhere for mold or bacteria to grow.

Edge-to-edge design for SealTite

Because the frame is internal and the filter media surrounds the outer edge, the SealTite Filter does exactly that: it fits the opening perfectly! And the added advantage is in those situations where the return grill might be oversized requiring two filters to be placed side-by-side in the opening. The SealTite Filters overlay each other to seal even the seam between the two filters without using duct tape or some other adhesive.

Easy to install / fits every time

Simply remove your existing filter and place the SealTite Filter in its place. It fits perfectly every time.

Quieter than average filters

Because the SealTite Filter is a double layer of filter media and the media itself is thicker than a pleated filter, the SealTite Filter serves to quiet the noise often associated with the air handler or blower motor. Customers have commented on how quiet their system seems after having installed a SealTite Filter.


Less restriction to air flow

A MERV 7 filter does not restrict air flow which could significantly affect the efficiency of the air handler and potentially damage the blower motor. SealTite Filter has been approved to meet the ASHRAE Standard 52.2 as a MERV 7 filter is recommended for better residential IAQ.

Eliminates bio-nesting of micro-organisms

One of the major problems with average filters is that they collect mold spores and bacteria at a place in the air conditioning systems where the moistest air in any environment passes through. This dangerous formula helps support microbiological growth. You have all the elements of moisture, micro-organisms and organic food source harbored in one spot. When the filter media is not adequately protected with an antimicrobial, the possibility of that filter becoming a bio-nest for microbial growth is heightened. With the SealTite Filter, the possibility is reduced,

Eliminates blow-by so all the air is filtered

Check around the outer edges of any filter and you will see dirt collecting on the frame of the return register. This results from the gaps that exist between the cardboard and the frame of the register. The best way to eliminate blow-by so that all the air getting to the filter passes THROUGH the filter is with the SealTite seal around the edge of the filter. SealTite Filter enables all the air to be funneled through the filter and eliminates contamination build-up on the perimeter of the filter. The result is cleaner air and a cleaner air conditioning system. That means less need for cleaning of the internal parts of the AHU and ductwork, as well as cleaner air going into the environment. This is the best way to truly filter the particulates out of the air.

Sturdy internal frame eliminates warping

Under the pressure of the air conditioning system, cardboard framed filters tend to warp, creating more blow-by. As the filter collects more and more dirt, more pressure causes the filter media to cave inward toward the center and pull the frame away from the register that supports it. This will not happen with the SealTite filter because the filter frame fits snuggly to the register and cannot warp.

Standard sizes available

Check the size of the filter you are currently using and chances are that the SealTite Filter is available in your size. No special cutting or expensive make-up filters--only a SealTite every time.

Economical and Efficient

Testing data proves the SealTite Filter's efficiency (see SealTite Filter Test Data) and, because the SealTite filter is about the price of an average 1" thirty-day filter, the SealTite Filter is economical. You can purchase the SealTite Filter in a Convenience Pack of four (4) filters, an entire annual supply, for less than the cost of purchasing filters every month. It is real savings that translates into an economical solution. And, since you can have this filter delivered to your doorstep each year, there is no shopping from place to place across your city trying to find the right filter. The SealTite Filter is convenient, efficient and economical.