1 Pint with Spray Bottle

Inhibits Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria, Mold and Mildew

21:1 concentrate, makes almost 3 ready-to-use gallons!

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Bac-Shield is a product of modified carbohydrates found in crab shells, a plentiful renewable resource. Bac-Shield incorporates the environmentally derived antimicrobial properties of thesecrab shells into a treatment for textiles and surfaces. This product is perfect for harsh environments and outdoor surfaces like fences, sidewalks, roofs, vinyl siding, patios, decks, and otherhorizontal or veritical surfaces.

Treated materials are resistant to odor and decay caused by growth of bacteria, mold and mildew

Controls the source of odors instead of covering up odors

Protection against odor and decay for:

  • Clothing, hosiery and footwear
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Upholstery and mattresses
  • Carpets, curtains and wall coverings
  • Paper and wood products

Easily applied by spraying or soaking

Recommended for use in:

  • Automobiles, buses, boats, planes and recreational vehicles
  • Restaurants and cafeterias
  • Public seating areas such as theaters, stadiums and airports
  • Schools, medical offices, assisted living centers, dormitories and
  • Athletic facilities
  • Basements, attics and other damp areas where odors can grow

Bac-Shield is intended as a treatment in order to give antibacterial and antifungal protection to the treated materials. Bac-Shield inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungusthat cause odor, stains, discoloration, decay and deterioration of the treated materials.